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100% United States Origin and produced from blood collected in USDA inspected slaughterhouses located in the contiguous United States. All of the blood is traceable back to individual slaughterhouses.

USDA Approved Sourcing available.

Triple 0.1 micron filtered.

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100% United States Origin fetal bovine serum combined with our proprietary alternate sourced United States Origin bovine sera. The combination of the different sera produces a product that works for a greater variety of cell culture applications not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

Triple 0.1 micron filtered.

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100% United States Origin bovine serum that contains fetal bovine and our alternate sourced bovine serum formulated in different percentages. An ideal product and value when compared to foreign sourced serum.

Triple 0.1 micron filtered.

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Specialists in High-Quality Serum Products

Atlas Biologicals is a privately owned small business with corporate offices in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.  We specialize in producing the highest quality serum products for cell culture and diagnostic applications.  Our primary focus is producing high quality Fetal Bovine Serum products at affordable pricing.

All of our products are manufactured with raw materials that are 100% traceable to the source of the animals within the contiguous United States and selected U.S.D.A. approved countries.  Atlas Biologicals is directly involved in the entire production process, from blood collection to final filtration and packaging.  We believe that traceability is of the utmost importance, and the only way to achieve complete traceability is to have control over the sources.

Atlas Biologicals strives to provide the highest quality products at competitive pricing backed by the best customer service in the industry.  Our team is extensively trained in product knowledge and if you have technical questions or require information there is always someone to attend to your needs.  Our reputation and values speak for themselves.  Let us be the company that works for you and makes your life easy when it comes to doing business.

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